Sunday, January 19, 2014


Baby, baby, baby.  Probably my most favorite thing about owning dairy goats are the babies.  Every spring little bouncing baby goats make their debut and they are soooo adorable it is ridiculous.  Except this year of course.  Oh, they are adorable, no mistake.  BUT they arrived at the beginning of December instead of the spring!  On the coldest day of the year to date!  With snow falling! (Now I grew up on the prairies of Canada, so this shouldn't be a huge deal, but here in Southern Oregon snow is a bit of a novelty).  Brrrr, goat chores in winter can be c-c-cold.

Two muddlers and 3 babies (Sled, Frosty, and Ginger Snap)

Day 5:

Breakfast: Choco monkey smoothie (I really like this smoothie!)

Lunch: Left over parsnip and bacon stuffed chicken, leftoever butternut squash soup, green salad with italian dressing (homemade)

Dinner: Baked pork chops, cauliflower, sauted zucchini and green onions.

Snacks: coconut lemon meltaway, bitter coconut hot cocoa (oy, so I cheated on this one by adding coffee hazelnut flavoring--it was sooo bitter I would have had to toss it and just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Still bitter, but it took the edge off). Fresh ginger and lime juice 'tea'.

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  1. Yum - and thanks for the video - kids are so cute - all five of them! LOL.