Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Every girl needs a good assortment of accessories. These are Meg's choices of the day...

5 Beautiful Barrettes...

and one Swell set of Swimming goggles...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tap, tap, tap...the rerun

Oh my goodness, I am tired and my legs hurt! Who knew laundry (with some good old fashioned bathroom scrubbing) could take so much energy!! Of course the goal is not to have so much laundry that it takes me 4 hours to bring under control...and I do mean 4 hours straight of folding and putting away. I still have...oh...6 loads to get through, but hey in light of where I started I figure that's not bad!
This is the true first day of trying to live up to my Spring Resolution. I say the first true day because I have been 'skipping' all kinds of chores when I didn't want to do them for the last week. I now have a daily list of things that should be done every day, a weekly list, a monthly list, a seasonal list and a yearly list. It's a bit overwhelming to look at, but every task gets its own spot so cleaning the bathroom takes out 6 tasks all at once.
Despite the fact that I am tired, and my feet hurt, and I haven't actually finished the list for the day, I feel really great about all that I accomplished. Plus to top it off, Meg and I still had fun together. I folded clothes, she jumped on the bed, I cleaned the bathroom, she jumped on Nathan's bed, I de-cobwebbed all but my bedroom upstairs, she climbed into the baby-doll crib and pretended to sleep. I'm glad she had so much fun while I worked, made it all much more enjoyable just getting to watch her have fun.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It amazes me every time I look at my kids. Before you have kids people tell you to cherish every moment, they grow so fast. It is so very true. My oldest baby is sitting beside me right now, reading over my shoulder! Emily, my second baby, has outgrown all of the pants I bought for her in September! And my youngest baby turned two on Tuesday! She desperately wants to be one of the big kids and is starting to fight holding my hand even when it is for her safety. She hasn't worn a bib in about 6 months because she has figured out how to get out of every bib we own and already has a shoe fetish.
Thank you God for these little ones you gave to me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tap, tap, tap...

Well here I sit, staring at my computer screen and ignoring the five things that I have to complete in order to finish what I set out to do today. I feel like my almost 5 year old..."I don't wanna!" However, I suppose I should aspire to the proclamation of my two year old, "Mommy awesome!" Of course keeping a clean house is not what being a great mom is all about, but I think that attempting to keep a clean house is actually important for kids to witness and take part in. I'm sure it'll affect their characters somewhere down the road...just don't ask me how right now as my brain is falling asleep and I don't wanna finish my work.
And of course I have my Spring resolution of trying to be more organized (which in my head means more clean) tapping me on the shoulder.

(my lovely large and overflowing laundry room)

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have yet to figure out why I have an attraction to adding to my household. Last Friday was my two older childrens' Spring Carnival at their school. Much fun was had and puppy love was found...make that guinea pig love. One of the prizes that could be bought with the "funny money" they earned from playing games was, yup, a live guinea pig. I will accept the blame in that I mentioned to them "Oh look, a guinea pig for a prize!" Of course they wanted him. What child when presented with the opportunity to own a cute furry creature can pass it up? So after tracking down the donor of GP prize, AND more importantly calling my husband and getting his thumbs up, we became the proud owner of my very first guinea pig.

Just ask my mother about my penchant for bringing home cute animals. I didn't quite get away with the kitten I snuck into the house when I was 12, as my mother is very allergic and knew something was up. I did get away with my green budgie, Claire, who gave my mother sweet revenge by waking me up every morning as soon as the sun even thought of rising. And rabbits. I will admit (openly for the first time) that I took my mini-lop over to my friends house and bred her on purpose, behind my mothers back. But I 100% deny...truthfully even...ever breeding my scary, mean gray bunny Duchess! She was NASTY.

So all that leading to the fact that I still crave caring for small furry (though I've gotten beyond feathery) fact, guinea pigs are social, herd animals, so I think I need to go get poor, lonely Hamlet a friend!

My miss Meg is quite enthralled with Hamlet.

Nathan has had to run back to tell him goodnight and to give him just one last pat before bed :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Morning?

Well it has not been the greatest start to my Saturday morning. I have been puked on and pooped on multiple times and my laundry has definitely increased because of aforementioned activities. My youngest daughter, who will be two next Tuesday, woke me up at about 4:30 this morning complaining of an ouchie tummy. She is pale and listless and has had only one drink since this has all begun. She is currently holding a popsicle, but so far refuses to eat it.
Now for the blessings: She is not sick on her birthday or for her party (please Lord), her older brother and sister are not sick, I feel fine, I have a washing machine and dryer to wash the increased laundry for me, I have many friends and family praying for my little one.
Well that's all for now, from this wishing she was more organized mother in a muddle to move that laundry pile again!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Muddler Meg

So I'm sitting at my computer with my youngest daughter (2 next Tuesday!) laying on the floor playing beside me, when seemingly out of nowhere two icy little feet land on my leg. This means that she has managed to shove her feet up the leg of my pants and plant them there. Apparently she agrees that she is cold as she has now gone and grabbed her mittens to put on.
My littlest muddler has lost her mittens, deserted the book in the picture, stashed her tights who knows where, smeared apple sauce and fruit juice all over my table...I could go on, but to give her credit she has also washed her own hands and put her shoes in the proper place. I'll take the little steps towards de-muddling my house. Besides which how boring would it be if a house full of children showed no evidence that children actually lived there?!