Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the rain came down!

Well it has been a while since my last posting. I am doing okay. Dealing very well with the miscarriage, I can even talk about it without crying!
Now as to the rest of my life, sigh, it is getting financially tight. My husband still has his job (good) but his hours are cut back (bad) which means our finances are not doing well at all. The conclusion of this is that I have to get a job. Up until today I honestly thought that meant a full time job, but taking a good look at all of our necessary monthly expenditures and holding it up against David's new income we should be able to meet our needs with out me getting a job, or taking our kids out of their school. However, a part time job on my part would make this much, much easier to do.
Without the job I would have to reduce our grocery bill to $500 a month...sounds not bad until you factor in two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, 3 kids and that grocery includes all paper and cleaning products as well as food and that Nathan's goat milk alone costs $40 a month (more depending on how many Wednesdays are in a month). I'm not sure how to do that, but I am sure it is possible. People live on waaaay less than this and survive. That said anybody got any really good, doable tips for me on cutting that grocery bill down? On the plus side of this I could stand to lose a few pounds and this may just force me to do it!!
Oh dear it just hit me, this is the first time in my life (as an adult of course) that I have had to be financially savvy! We are dipping into the red every month and that simply just won't do.
In better much less depressing news, my children are still adorable. Megan has progressed to informing me when she is "stinky". Which means wet or in actuality stinky. One step closer to potty training (yay and boo!). She also sing songs "Let's go get my Emily." every day on our way to get Emily. She sure does admire her big sister, though that doesn't stop her from pushing Em's buttons!
Emily was emptying her backpack out today and said "Mom, can we keep my "m" paper? I want to remember how good I made M's." Very cute.
Nathan is doing so very well at school and is probably the best reader in his class. He rarely makes mistakes in math, is picking up science well, and his spelling has really improved this year. His cursive is still...interesting, but is much improved from last year and his teachers are super at pointing out all the letters that he has done really well instead of constantly pointing out all the letters he didn't do so well (though they do get a nod).
I love my kids and just thinking and writing about them has cheered me up incredibly.