Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well the school year for us officially started on September 6th.  I was nervous, let me tell you!  Me teach my own kids reading, writing, and arithmetic?! 
We started they day off just reading the Bible and then praying for each other.  Even now a week later this is the best time of the day.  The kids seem to really enjoy this part.  Then we do weather, days of the week, and our hundred day of school count up (bee #6 is on the board today).  Next we start school.  Nathan starts with penmanship and seat work and Emily and I do her language arts, reading, and poetry.  Then I introduce her new cursive letter and she does the practice sheets for that.  While she is doing that, Nathan and I take on language arts, reading, and poetry.  Then we all take a break.  After break Emily does seat work and spelling and Nathan and I do Math.  While he does Math worksheets Emily and I do Math.  Then she does Math worksheets and we are done.
On Fridays we do any tests that are needed and then right now we are doing science.  Later we will take on American History.
I've learned a lot this first week.  I've changed our schedule 3 times already :)  Also I've learned that at some point during the day I need to remove myself from their range and just be alone.
Let the Adventures continue.