Friday, November 5, 2010

The hard part is getting started!

The hardest part is getting started. From oozing out of my bed early in the morning, to getting ready for bed at night. I have also found that once I have started whatever it was that I had been dreading (mmmm it can't be 6:30AM already!) isn't as bad or as hard as I thought it was going to be. My current dread/project is undigging my house from the mountainous melange of toys that my three munchkins have brought into it. When did that happen by the way, every time I turn around there are more and more toys...especially those oh so wonderful (if you're a kid anyway) happy meal toys. I'm telling you we must eat at fast food a lot more than I supposed if the exponential growth of these toys is any indication. Currently I have literally swept out the living room of all toys, clothes, and debris and deposited the pile in the play room. Now I have to start the sorting process. We are often telling our kids "Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do" and today I have to tell myself that. On the up side my laundry monster has been tamed (for a day at least), the children are dressed and groomed and departed for picture day at school, I don't have to go anywhere until 2:30 this afternoon, and when the toys are sorted (and some of them disposed of...a whole day to do it without interruption wahoo!) I will have a clean, organized playroom. Yay!
Now what you have to understand about these pictures is that they were taken after I had been sorting and cleaning for about 3 hours...AND there is even more upstairs in the kid rooms.
Well ta ta for another day from this mama living in her muddled house.