Saturday, February 1, 2014

School Day Blues (Day 17--January 31)

January.  Blech.  For anyone out there who home schools (and probably even teachers in public or private schools) this is a totally blah month.  Coming out of the Christmas holidays full of presents, family, fun, games.  Ending on the high of New Years Eve with our house full of people talking and playing board games and eating.  Going back to the daily grind of schooling seems...well boring.  I'm guilty of giving my kids and I an extra day off almost every week since school began again.   Not for them, for me.  I don't want to do school.  I'm hoping now that January is about to be finished we can head into the homeschooling time zone of, "Oh, it's almost May we need to get this done!"  Today though, I just want to play hooky (but I won't).  However, I do believe I will take the kids swimming this afternoon.


Breakfast:  Cranana smoothie

Lunch: Sweet potato and chia seed 'pancakes' (I use the word pancakes very loosely here, as they were very, very delicate.  The downside to not being able to use eggs).

Dinner:  Bratwurst, cabbage, and brown rice noodles



  1. More daylight should spur you on to greater energy! Swimming sounds like a great idea! You will need to give me menu ideas for summer!