Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dealing with Diapers (Day 18-February 1)

Having a baby means that 90% of my life seems to revolve around the little muddler.  It is still amazing to me that such little creatures require so much time and so much stuff!!  And I'm not even talking about the extraneous stuff (like toys and wubbies and diaper wipe warmers and change tables).  I'm talking just the basics people.  Diapers, clothes, blankets, car seat, pacifier (though some might consider this extraneous), baby gates (though these are not required for every home).  Seriously, the younger the infant, the more stuff you have to carry with you when you leave the house.  Thankfully (and sadly) my littlest muddler is now 14 months old and our 'suitcase' is rapidly decreasing in size when we go out.

Before she was born the debate was on: cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers.  Some background here, we cloth diapered with our second youngest muddler.  My husband does NOT like cloth all.  He thinks it is gross.  This makes me laugh because people have only been using disposables for the last few decades.  However, he actually was the one who decided to go with cloth diapering.  I like cloth diapering.  Putting on those bright happy colors and patterns makes an oft performed chore...dare I say 

My box of cloth diapers

BUT I do not like cloth diapering at night.  SOOOO I discovered a fabulous company that makes me feel better about disposables.  The Honest Company ** Non toxic better for baby diapers that come in a variety of adorable patterns.  I just opened my box to find all these fun patterns.  So fun.
My box of Honest diapers
 It is the little things in life.


Breakfast:  Choco monkey smoothie

Lunch: Sweet potato, chia, and bratwurst hash

Dinner: Chicken, cauliflower, fresh artichokes

Snacks:  Lemon ginger tea

**I recieve no compensation from this company for saying nice things about them.  I just really like them.


  1. Pretty colours - good to see a little pink in there! :)

  2. I *love* cloth diapering! :-) I spy a thirsties or two in that stash. What are your faves?